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Accomplishments / Contributions

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Some of Dave's significant accomplishments and contributions to the sport are:

  • Invented Vanderoll
  • Invented Bar Endo
  • Invented Tail Tap
  • Could even do a Table Top Bunny Hop!
  • Vanderoll voted best trick in ABMX (UK) 1985
  • Vander voted 5th most popular rider in ABMX (UK) 1985
  • Setup First Pro Ramp Jam
  • Setup First Pro Ramp Series
  • Setup First Pro Streetstyle Contest
  • First person to compete pro in BMX Racing and Freestyle.
  • Sponsored for skateboarding and BMX at the same time.
  • Competed: A-Pro Racing, Expert Skateparks, Pro Ramp, Pro Ground, Pro Street, GPV
  • Curb Dogs video was the only BMX Freestyle Video at Blockbuster for a long time...
  • Curb dogs voted 5th most popular team in Freestylin's NORA cup - Highest placing for a non-factory team.
  • Only BMX freestyle rider in Time magazine.
I don't have much on Vander's race days. This photo is from a race in france on the '84 Skyway tour where we did shows. Vander threw on a freewheel and jumped in the action for some fun.
Vander on the track

Stylin' on some Belgium dirt in 1984.

One Hander Lookback One Footed Tabletop Reverse Tabletop Tabletop

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