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Freestylin' Winter 1984 Page 16 The Vanderoll came out before people were riding axle pegs. We were actually handed our first pegs in Europe. It was like "here, make up some tricks with these". I thought they were kind of rediculous since I didn't really like hopping tricks. It took Dave Breed sliding across the parking lot on a side-glide at the first Huntington contest to convince me pegs were more than a gimmick.

Dave was riding the prototype frame for the Street Beat on that first European tour - a chrome model although a fully chrome Street Beat would never be produced. Several changes were made to that bike before the production models came out based on Dave's input.

The first Skyway Street Beat bikes

We got the first production models at the '85 San Diego AFA contest. I got a bright orange one that I put together just before entering the contest and Dave got a chrome one but the chrome model was never mass produced by Skyway. The orange one was a pretty loud bike. It rode really well although I didn't have a whole lot of time to get used to it. Skyway had a knack for dropping new products on you when you were on the spot at a show or a contest. The orange color was kind of cool for us though since the Curb Dogs colors were orange and blue. Dave was never featured on the production model though since Skyway and he parted ways shortly after the San Diego contest.

Skyway wanted to display all of their products so Robert Peterson rode the Skyway standing platform and made use of it for some balance tricks. The double-crossbared Skyway EZ bars were another one Skyway came up without any input from their riders. I guess the thinking was that the more places you had to stand the more tricks you could do!

Skyway Framestander Skyway EZ Bars

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