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People Jump at Curb Dogs show - Photo: Rory Lucas

First, thanks to the people who worked at the magazines that created most of the original material reproduced in this website. Wherever possible, I've tried to preserve their photo credits.
DIG January/February 2003 DIG article Jan/Feb/2003

Second, thanks to the following people for direct contributions:

  • Ray "Large Ray" Schlechtweg
  • Bart and Paul De Jong of FATBMX.com.
  • Karl Rothe
  • Tony Guerrero
  • Ray Meyer
  • Mark "Lew" Lewman
  • Marco Frömter
  • Angelo Juras
  • Oscar Gonzalez
  • Hugo Gonzalez
  • Steve Blick
  • Joel Bernacki
  • Allan McNaughton
  • Rory Lucas
  • Andy Shohara
And, thanks of course to anyone who supported Vander as a friend, sponsor, fan or in any other way.

To anyone who wants to copy parts of this site: go right ahead if it's not for profit. Just include a link to this site and do yourself proud.

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