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Dave never ceased to get coverage even when he stopped placing well in contests. If you ever knew him in person, you'd understand why. Dave was someone who just couldn't be ignored in any situation. He craved attention and would do just about anything to get it.

Dave nabbed a BMX Action and Freestylin' cover. Not a lot of guys can claim that...
BMX Action November 1985 Cover (signed) Caption: Is that ol' Curb Dog and new factory Dyno 'styler Dave Vanderspek? Yup. Aerial view of a track stand. Photo by Windy.
Freestylin' May 1986 Cover Caption: None other than the Flying Dutchman himself, Dave Vanderspek. One-footed bar-dip. Golden Gate Park.

Freestylin' did this excellent feature on Vander.
Freestylin' June 1986 Page 3 Freestylin' June 1986 Page 82 Freestylin' June 1986 Page 83 Freestylin' June 1986 Page 1984 Freestylin' June 1986 Page 1985

Bill Batchelor did a pictorial on Radner in 1985 for Shreddin' super-'zine.
Shreddin' July 1985 cover Shreddin' July 1985 Page 16 Shreddin' July 1985 Page 17 Shreddin' July 1985 Page 18 Shreddin' July 1985 Page 19 Shreddin' July 1985 Page 20

Freestylin' January 1987 Page 12 While "Bike Breaking" in Golden Gate Park, Dave came across a photographer - who happened to be shooting for a Time magazine article. This is one article you've got to read.

Time Sep 22 1986 Page 81 Dutch Magazine (title unknown) Fall 1986 This photographer must have sold some of his other pictures to a dutch magazine (name unknown) because they later showed up there.

Freestylin' November 1985 Page 25

FAT BMX 'zine #4 (1988) Interview FAT BMX 'zine #4 (1988) Interview Bart and Paul de Jong did an interview in FAT BMX 'zine with Holland's favorite son of BMX - the Flying Dutchman.

Freestylin' Winter 1984 Page 61

Freestylin' August 1987 Page 120 Super BMX Feb 87 pg67

Freestylin' March 1988 Page 16 As far as I know, Vander was the first pro racer to enter a pro freestyle contest. Rick Moliterno did it and Richard Bartlett did it. I'm sure Tinker Juarez would have done it if there were any pro freestyle contests around when he was hitting skateparks.

Freestylin' Sep 1987 Page 1985
Freestylin' December 1986 Page 14

Freestylin' Sep 1987 Page 1984 Freestylin' January 1987 Page 50

Dave was a perfect metaphor for the BMX magazines trying to include skateboarding. He was one of the only riders featured riding bikes and skateboards. And probably the only one featured doing both at the same time!
Freestylin' January 1987 Page 50

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