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Freestylin' September 1986 Page 47 Dave was a street rider at heart. We'd take off from Golden Gate Park and blaze around San Francisco. He was a guy who was hard to keep up with. Wall rides on the sides of busses just before they took off and huge airs off curbs. We rode the Embarcadero a lot - the Mecca for early street skating - and do a lot of the ledge tricks like blunts and nose picks. You could say I was tech and he went big.
Freestylin' April 1987 Page 48

Freestylin' February 1988 Page 64 Freestylin' November 1987 Page 6 The stuff we did on the street was a mish-mash of freestyle tricks, jumping, and skateboard tricks. Most tricks started with "I wonder if..." or "check this out..." Dave creditted me for inventing blunts and nose-picks on a bike but not long after he saw the nose-pick, he was doing doing them on mailboxes. That should have been photographed. I decided the trick was his.
Freestylin' August 1986 Page 14

Drob - Eddy and Van Ness 1989

Freestylin' June 1988 Page 106 San Francisco is an awesome place to ride street because there's so much available within riding distance. Regular spots for us were the Embarcadero, Pier 39, Market Street and the Van Ness run. Hills provided excellent opportunities for a little air. Especially where there were wheelchair access ramps at the top of a hill. Van Ness street has a good run from the wharf to Market Street - right side.

Dave entered two street contests - the one he threw in northern California and the first 2-Hip Meet the Street in Santee California. He placed 7th and his frustration with the sport showed by throwing his bike in practice.
Freestylin' September 1988 Page 51 Super BMX August 1988 Page 19

Freestylin' September 1988 Page 45

Super BMX August 1988 Page 20

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