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02/28/14 Add David Childs' Vander 1984 prototype Street Beat replica to the Memorials page. Add details for special orders to the Merchandise page.
02/03/12 Add story and pictures about Vander brick rescue to the Vander R.I.P. page. Remove site history since that website is now gone.
08/16/10 Add William Fong's 1986 Kuwahara Bravo KT Vander replica bike to the Memorials page.
01/20/08 Add the Stoke Bros in Germany to Memorials page.
Add Pipeline competition photos to the Getting Sponsored page.
08/02/06 Add Timo Lanki's Vander memorial bike to Memorials page.
05/27/06 Add Rob Quinlan's winning essay in Ride Magazine to Memorials page.
05/03/06 Add Merchandise page.
05/13/03 Add photo of Ben Rose to Starting the Curb Dogs page.
03/24/03 Add T-shirt art to Starting the Curb Dogs page.
Add business cards and Freestylin' awards button art to Marketting page.
Add Vander's first number plate to Mementos page. Thanks Marc!
01/02/03Add DIG article from Jan/Feb 2003 issue to Credits page. Thanks Allan!
12/08/02Add dirt jumping photos from Belgium to Accomplishments page. Thanks Joel!
11/20/02Add location of memorial brick to Vander R.I.P. page. Thanks Steve!
09/01/02Clean up some text
Add link to VintageBMX.com to links page.
08/28/02Clean up some text
Add Curb Dogs parts picture to links page.
08/22/02Added BMX Plus picture to Memorials page.
Added Santee coverage to Street page.
Added video review to Marketting page.
Added bike/skate sequence to Coverage page.
08/11/02Added promo photos to Marketting page.
08/07/02Posted to World Wide Web.

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