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Vanderoll Freestylin' May 1985 Page 57
Dave got a lot of mileage out of the Vanderoll and his headstand in Europe. Both of these were circus tricks by today's standards but classics none-the-less. Paul de Jong from Holland told me that he and his brother Bart (of www.fatbmx.com fame) saw Dave's new trick in the magazine and thought it was done at speed. So, they put on their helmets and pads and tried their first Vanderoll by getting some speed and just grabbing the front tire. Needless to say they slammed. Too funny.

Besides the circus tricks, Dave was doing some things that would become standards for almost any rider in the 1980's and even beyond. What we called the Vander one-hander would become the bar endo and then the Miami-hopper. That trick was heavily abused in the 80's. Another one that people may not have realized was a Vander original was the tail tap on ramps. Dave was doing that in 1983 or earlier except with a lot of hopping. His skate/BMX tricks always made the Curb Dogs shows interesting and a little different.
Tailtap - Europe 1984 Bar Endo - Europe 1984

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